Current Work // FAQs

2018 Work:

Local wood ash rivulet glaze layered over white and blue glazes (brown and yellow tones courtesy of glaze mixing during firing).  Interior is a food-safe red iron oxide glaze.


Mugs, cups, bowls, soup mugs, honey pots, and pitchers available as of 11/27/18.  I posted about these here.


All work made prior to late 2018 is high-fire clay, finished in a cone 10 reduction kiln.  All pots are food-safe and highly durable (cone 10 is just about the hottest kiln temperature, which means the pieces become very compressed, solid and resistant to breakage).  Put it in your dishwasher if you want to, or hand wash it like I do sometimes (the dishwasher is arguably safer for those of us who tend to fumble, like me).  Pots are safe for the microwave but sometimes react differently than mass-made dishes (you might have to heat it a little longer or shorter than you would think).


The best place to find my work is Etsy; the best place to see what I’m working on is Instagram.  Facebook isn’t the best place for anything but I’m there too.

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