ARTS, plural


I’ve always been a maker of things, and I know I’m not the only one–the kind of person who can’t keep their hands out of anything without a very conscious effort of will.

A bit of the surprise is taken out of this proverbial big announcement by the fact that I have

a) been talking about it to everyone who gives off even a hint of interest

b) already posted about it on several social media channels.

However, I’m still thrumming with the excitement of it.  I’ve finally started making and selling some new things I’ve been thinking about (some for, literally, years) within the framework of the existing Windfall Arts ethos.  Which has always been very me, and continues to reflect pretty closely the things I care about.

And I did pick the name all those (9) years ago to leave space for future non-pottery endeavors.  I’ll write in the future about some of the paths that have led me to each new thing, so if processes and the creative life interest you, come back for that!

Take a look at my updated shop offerings to see what I’ve been up to.  It’s my way of putting the beauty of the world, as I see it, into new forms ready to be shared.


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