Where I’ve Been

Oh my.

I’ve been doing SO much.  So much that I can’t post it all.  So much that is exciting and new and beautiful, and at the same time nothing new under the sun (part of the beauty of it! As mentioned before, I love functional ware.  Nothing beats a favorite mug or cereal bowl).

I encourage you to hop on over to my Etsy shop to see some of my new things!  There is even more in the works, and even more that I haven’t had time to create formal Etsy listings for (I had to make this impromptu facebook album for the overflow, intending to get all of these things on Etsy eventually, but making them available in the meantime).

I’ve joined Instagram, which is a really do-able way for me to participate in social media since it requires only one picture and a caption if you want.  I really like it (although I do have many, many curmudgeonly thoughts about social media and the internets in general, but whatareyougonnado in this day and age?).  Follow me or just visit me there if you want to!

I’ve rearranged the rhythm of my life to welcome pottery back into it.  I’m pretty tired most days, but happy.


One thought on “Where I’ve Been

  1. Rachel, that little pot you’re holding with the dimple in it — I think this would sell well as a shaving pot. If you take a photo of it with a cake of shaving soap and a shaving brush in it I think it will sell. Alternatively, a photo of you taking a pinch of kosher salt from it will illustrate its stoveside usefulness as a salt box. I certainly will buy one right now. Please email me the info. Uncle Paul.

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