Little World

Here’s a post I wrote over 2 years ago, and today feel compelled to share, unedited.  I still feel much the same, even though some of the specifics are different now.  (Pictures are more recent.)

It’s a small life.  Days are long sometimes, yet there is so little time . . . but lots happens anyway.

I’ve put my Etsy shop on vacation until the holiday season.  Keeping up with all the things has just proved to be too much for me.  I’m sticking to some simple goals:  make a few pots every week, have some nice new things by the fall, and post them on Etsy starting in October.  It looks like Windfall Arts will be a more seasonal venture for me while I have a little one.  And that’s okay with me (although this has not come without tears).

Life needs time for other things.  For putting up apple butter after a gift of summer-fallen fruit, for making pesto from the buckets of basil you planted, for knitting something beautiful for yourself or a friend.  Most of all, for reading book after book after book (not necessarily different ones) to the little one who brings them to you and climbs up on your lap, for walking to the park, for putting the high chair in the open patio doorway and feeling the breeze, for watering the garden and accidentally spraying the little one who really really wants you to, for making funny faces and hearing that little laugh bubble up again and again, for feeling what this new love does to your heart.

I realize over and over why I can’t keep my business going full-time.  The art will (mostly) wait, but this is going so fast.  So very fast.


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