It’s not original at all, not very complicated nor requiring much creative power to make it work.  I’ve seen plenty of other artists use plant impressions in their pieces.  But I’m not too worried about being a pathfinder or trailblazer right now, just about trying something new-for-me that I will love and that will expand my sense of the possible.

And who needs edgy or boundary-pushing when the print of a leaf is so delicate and alive?  I can’t go outside without seeing some shape, some quiver of branch, some whorled bud or seed that is a complete revelation, a complete beauty in itself, though I may have known and noted the plant before.  All is old.  All is new.  Something of freshness in every rendering of a time-honored theme.

Make on.



6 thoughts on “Botanical

  1. Rachel!

    This is sooo beautiful–the eye for Beauty that you had from your earliest childhood is one of God’s great gifts in you. “All is old. All is new. Something of freshness in every rendering of a time-honored theme.” I wrote it in my Greek Testament next to the place where John says “I am writing you no new commandment, but the old commandment that you had from the beginning. . . Again, I am writing you a new commandment.” Perfect! I love you so much, my Precious One, and am so proud of you.

    Your Papa

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