New Adornments

Well, I’ve been working hard on some new designs, and here they are!  I’ve been making a lot of beads, after finding some very delicate-textured lace in an antique shop (it is seriously old and falling apart, so these may be limited edition designs!).  I’ve planned on branching out into making necklaces for a while, seeing possibilities in lots of natural and vintage objects going with my ceramic beads, and have been gathering parts gradually–stones, wood, old keys, watch gears, and semi-precious stone beads.

I bought these beautiful drilled beach pebbles from StoneStudiosToo on Etsy, and they go perfectly with the glazes on my beads!  (I should point out that the colorants in these ceramic glazes are natural substances and not lab-created, so they are “of the earth” as much as these gorgeous pebbles, and hence the harmony of color.  I love how things connect.)

I’m loving how the jewelry is starting to turn out!  I just debuted the necklaces at the Green With Indie Craft Show in St. Louis this past weekend, and I’ll be posting them in my Etsy shop as I get the chance.  Prices for finished necklaces run from $40-50.

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One thought on “New Adornments

  1. Dear Rachel,
    These are so beautiful. What a wonderful complement to your collection. I will need to have one of these at some point!
    I love you,

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