A Year in Teapots

Teapot 24Teapot 7Teapot 7Teapot 7Teapot 8Teapot 8
Teapot 8Teapot 8Teapot 9Teapot 9Teapot 9Teapot 9
Teapot 10Teapot 10Teapot 11Teapot 11Teapot 11Teapot 11
Teapot 12Teapot 12Teapot 12Teapot 13Teapot 13Teapot 13

Teapots, 2011 Series, a set on Flickr.

A little review of most of the teapots I made during 2011, for your viewing pleasure on Flickr!  Currently planning a new year of teapots (and other wonderful things), building on some of the things I started doing in 2011’s series.  If you like, let me know what you think, and what speaks to you in colors, textures, handle configurations, etc.  Of course this set contains a few flaws (which you may not be able to see in the photos, but which I am well aware of), and I realize none of these pieces are perfect, but they do represent a lot of work, study, practice, failure, joy, and appreciation that I get to do this wonderful thing called creating every day.  Thanks for looking.


4 thoughts on “A Year in Teapots

  1. Beautiful shapes and colours! Must be wonderful to have a gas kiln. Ours is electric. Do you slant your beaks with an additional degree or they dont twist during firing?

    • Thank you! I feel very lucky to be able to use gas reduction (for now, at least!): I love the beautiful speckles and variations. I usually cut my spouts a little too slanted so that when they untwist they come out pretty straight. It’s not an exact science right now. I did just attend a workshop with an artist (Russell Wrankle) who hand-forms a spout from a solid lump of clay, then cuts it in half, scoops out the extra clay, and re-attaches the two sides; I think I will try that next, although it is a lot of work–but then you don’t have to worry about untwisting!

  2. I’m so glad you worked your lace doilies into some of the teapots. Those are my favorite. It makes such a beautiful combination of two crafts.

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