Bowls with Sprayed Glazes, and Textured Nesting Bowls

I could almost not contain my excitement after seeing what came out of the kiln last week.  Barring the fact that my camera could not accurately capture the many colors and textures in these bowls, I hope you’ll be excited too.

I’m becoming addicted to the effects that are possible with spray application of glazes.  The soft lines and color gradations are mesmerizing; I can stare at them (for longer than is perhaps respectable with my own work) and not get tired of inspecting the grainy textures and flowing colors.  Bowls are especially nice for this, as you have an inside and outside that are easily visible when the piece is in use.  The bowl form is becoming one of my favorites to make, glaze, and use.

Also debuting this week are these little nesting bowls!  I like how they appear from the top: organic and kind of crumpled (crumpling is actually a good way to describe how I formed the edges).  Then turn them over, and bam!

Fabulous texture.  It’s sort of too bad they’re not meant to be used upside-down.

I’ll slide-show the rest of my images from this week’s batch.  Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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