Coming Soon . . .

Well, I officially have two days to tie up all the loose ends, finish planning my booth display, and price and pack up my pottery for the Schlafly Art Outside Alternative Art Fair!  Then it’s a crazy weekend of camping out in the rain ( currently says scattered thunderstorms all three days of the festival . . . ah, well, I’m always hoping for rain, so this is what I get)–and hopefully selling lots and lots of pottery to the droves of people who will undoubtedly still show up in a downpour, come to my booth for refuge, and fall in love with my art.

I realized I haven’t shared much of my finished work with you, the stuff I’ve been so busy making and talking about, so here’s a sampling of some things I’m taking this weekend.  Thanks for looking, friends!

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3 thoughts on “Coming Soon . . .

  1. Rachel,
    I love the red and white bowls and pitcher; if those aren’t gone after this weekend, let me know. All of your work is so beautiful. I’m praying for good weather after all.

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