A Little Preview . . .

Happiness is a tableful of new pots! And a counterful, and a floorful . . .

I just can’t contain my excitement!  Yesterday’s kiln unloading yielded a lot of new and wonderful things, which ideally I would have beautifully photographed today to share with you in high style.  Alas, I’m at the end of the time I have to make pots for my show in two weeks (drying and two firings will take that long), so the day was otherwise spent–but I just had to catch the end of the daylight to give you a few photos.

One of my new "ripple" bowls! I'm loving the red on the inside . . .

. . . and the lighter-colored exterior. I'm also becoming a big fan of sprayed glazes and the color gradients that are possible.

Another serving bowl. The white interior glaze is hard to capture--it has a subtle iridescence, tinged with a bit of pink (partly because of the red glaze I tend to accent with) and blue.

Yay teapots!

Excited about these, although I didn't have time to make as many as I wanted to: little planters with built-in trays! For your sunny windowsill.

Thanks for letting me share, as always.


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