Good Things.

Things that are making me happy lately:

The first flower in my balcony garden.

Some rainy and cool days.

This guy.

. . . who brought me flowers for our 4th anniversary.

The tiny blue dots on this bowl.

Some sweet and cheery new mugs . . .

The discovery of a new glaze combination that blushes slightly on the edges of the gray . . .

Successfully growing peppermint from seed, when at least two books said it can't be done. Ha!

More peppermint, grown from cuttings.

More morning glories on the way! These will be purple. The buds are oh-so-sweet and tiny.

The twining of vines onto my balcony rails.

My tiny succulent garden grown from random pinched-off pieces! The knowledge that succulents are everywhere and can be easily grown has changed my world. Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law for this information--now I can't stop looking everywhere for some to pinch.

An abundance of vines growing up my homemade (ghetto) wire trellis (not pictured in its entirety in order to preserve some semblance of respectability).


The promise of more pots to love.

The daily use of my favorite household appliance.

A beautiful new texture pattern!

I’m feeling very blessed and thankful, especially that I have been accepted for inclusion in the Schlafly Art Outside Alternative Art Fair, happening in less than three weeks!  I have so much to do, but I’m starting to get very excited to launch my art fair career.  Putting together a killer display in the next two weeks is top priority (aside from making the most pottery I possibly can).

At any rate, readers, thank you for your support (there are many kinds)!  Life is good.


7 thoughts on “Good Things.

  1. Dear Rachel,
    I love seeing all these things in your life and world. I feel like I am back there visiting again. You take the time to see beauty all around you–thank you for showing that to me.

  2. Happy anniversary, Rachel!
    Please know that all tea consumed in my household brews in your lovely green teapot.
    Best of luck in the art fair – I’m glad things are making you happy!

    Your morning glories break my heart.
    Frost has wiped out my marigolds, here…
    Why Wyoming???? What was I thinking??
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Rachel, your photos are just beautiful and I enjoy this poignant glimpse into your world and your heart. Also the picture of my son and the mention of (cough) your m-i-l. Sweet. I hope your art show is wildly successful! I love you!


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