Show Weekend!

Today I am in the last throes of preparing for a two-day show.  I’m excited–it’s the first time I’ve really put together a display, and it’s a fun chance to let my aesthetic vision come to life.

Last time, I just threw every pot I’d brought out onto a table and hoped for the best.  Now I’m getting savvy (read: savvier than I was).  My theory is that the best thing is not to display all I’ve got–in a desperate bid for attention from any passer-by with a twenty-dollar-bill–but to show fewer items to their best advantage, and replenish them as they sell.

I’m also thinking about colors, shapes, and general impressions:  this hearkens back to a helpful blog post I read about the concept of branding.  Branding involves making every manifestation of your business match the others, so as to be recognizable–your business card, website, blog, packaging, etc.–so that your unique vision comes across and helps people remember you.

This is getting into the business side of things, but I find I have to think about it more and more.  I can’t just make art; I have to sell it.  The more I do this, though, the more all of it seems to go together–me, my art, the business.  I do love it all.  (I’m probably only saying this because I haven’t had any nasty customers yet.  Ha!  Future self, read this and shed a tear for innocence.)

With the view of fitting my booth display into The Look of Windfall Arts, I’ve made myself a new sign to announce my business name boldly and artfully, I’ve redesigned my business cards to reflect the look of my Etsy shop, and I will be using glass bottles, old books, and bare branches as display elements (did I mention that thrift is part of my aesthetic sensibility?).  I can’t wait to share pictures!

I should mention that a lot of this effort of cohesion is easy for me–most of my vision for my business stems directly out of what I think looks cool and is awesome–I read books, save bottles and jars (“just in case”), and decorate my walls with branches.  Your business should reflect who you are, and I’m taking that seriously.  And thriftily.

As I write, the huge batch of pots that came out of the kiln yesterday is quietly pinging–a tiny little crackling sound they make as glazes and clay settle into existence in their final form.

I love my creations.  I am so blessed.

I’ll leave you with a little slideshow of some of my favorite new things.  I’ll be getting some of these posted in my Etsy shop after my crazy weekend is over!  (Oh, and after my Much-Needed Monday Off.)  Apologies for the dim lighting which does not show off these brilliant glazes to the best advantage.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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