Small Things

Some things that have given me joy lately:

Thyme seedlings.

Little cilantro leaves beginning to appear on my coriander.

Peppermint cutting with rootlets.

Little pods from a cottonwood.

The bug I didn't know was in the picture.

Morning glory seeds soaking before they are planted.

Poppies coming up!

Bark on a cypress tree.

Bigger thyme seedlings!

A tray of new pots.

Heirloom bush bean plants growing like crazy!

This tiny praying mantis on our balcony. (I couldn't get my camera to focus on him, but he's silhouetted against the brick. He's less than 1/2 inch long.)

Fuzzy morning glory leaves.


One thought on “Small Things

  1. You’ve been busy today! The new little soap dishes are beautiful. I love your eye for tiny things and beauty and detail we so often overlook. We had a wonderful time this past weekend. I love you. M

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