New Favorites

I’m using a new technique that I’d like to share: detailing bottoms with the use of a wiggle-wire.  (Note:  I am sure there is another (more professional-sounding) name for it, but I have only ever heard it called a wiggle-wire.  So there.)This is a helpful way of finishing off narrow bases of pots which are taller than they are wide, or which would be difficult to trim for some other reason.

I just let the pot dry a little on its batt, then slip the wire under it while giving the wheel a slight turn–then it’s pretty much done except for neatening up the edges and making sure the bottom is a little concave.  I’ve fallen in love with this technique, not just because of its convenience, but because of the beautiful end effect.  I find I can leave a little extra glaze in those grooves and it adds a gorgeous finishing touch to the pot:. . . which brings me to my other new favorite thing!  This cream and sugar set.I don’t always fall in love with my finished creations, but I did these.  They just seem to be weighted perfectly and to compliment each other, and I love the way the glazes turned out (red and turquoise, and yellow where the two glazes overlapped).   Also, this was one of the first times I used the wiggle-wire technique to great effect, and now I’m hooked on it.

You can find this set newly for sale in my Etsy shop.  I’m making some similar pieces right now which should be done in a few weeks!


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