A Week of Productivity, Justified

I wrote a couple weeks ago about the immensely productive time I was having, and shared a few photos of some raw clay pieces which I had high hopes for.  Now that two weeks have passed, I have all or most of those pieces finished, and here are the exciting results!  (With a few surprises tossed in, as there always are when you’re firing your pottery to above 2300° Fahrenheit.)

Embossed creamer and sugar bowl:

Embossed mugs:

I just love these mugs.  Visual and tactile satisfaction.

Pendant beads and buttons:

These make me happy.  I don’t want to get too much into jewelry, but it’s fun to do something a little different.

The soap dishes and little leaves have been turning out well, although they tend to warp unexpectedly.  Hopefully I can figure out some warp-proofing secret soon.

The couple of wheel-thrown mugs I made that week came out rather striking, I thought:
Then there’s this honeypot, which I LOVE and may keep, although the lid is very tight.  (If some more experienced potter would like to comment, and share any wisdom on how a lid that fits all through the drying and bisque-firing process suddenly becomes very tight in the gallery after the glaze-firing, I would love that.)Finally, the butter dishes!  Right now we’re at about a 2:1 success-to-failure ratio with them, but we’re hopeful for the future.. . . . aaand the third one pictured in the first photo?  Well, that’s a story for tomorrow.  Just to pique your interest, it involves a very hot kiln and a molten clay buffalo.


P.S.–Some of these pots are for sale.  If they are, clicking on the picture will take you to the item’s listing in my Etsy shop.



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