Honey Dippers

I received the most wonderful surprise package in the mail yesterday:

Three gorgeous, handmade honey-dippers from my very own (husband’s) grandpa!  They have beautifully tapered handles (not just stick handles like the ones you can typically buy), and they are so precise and amazingly smooth.  I don’t know what kind of wood they are made from, but I will ask him.

He had seen a honeypot I had posted on Etsy, and made some of these for me!  They fit perfectly in the pot I have, and I’m now inspired to make several more pots to fit the dippers.  It will be so nice to have a beautiful, handmade accompaniment to sell with my honeypots!  I’m going to have to talk him into making more.

Yet another piece of beauty to appreciate today.  Thanks, Grandpa!


2 thoughts on “Honey Dippers

    • Trying to work that out, Emily. It seems I cannot sell them in my Etsy shop, as I supposed, since they are handmade by another person. This deserves a frowny face: 😦 There may be a legitimate loophole, though.

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