New Mugs!

I’ve always been a mug fiend, but I’m so excited about these new mugs I’ve been making: the “embossed” series, made from clay textured with vintage doilies.

I love their organic shapes.  I purposefully do not smooth them into perfectly round cylinders;  I like the wavy, slightly irregular look that the textured clay gives them.

Of course there’s some refining to do, as these are my first few, but I’m still obsessed with this form.  I love to make wheel-thrown, perfectly-smooth-and-symmetrical mugs as well, but the attractions are different (when my obsession runs in that direction for a while, I’m sure I’ll gush/blog about that too).

Have I mentioned texture?  Fun, fun, fun.  (It is best for morning coffee–by the by–to involve the tactile pleasure of a wonderful mug, as well as the actual smelling and tasting of the coffee.)

I love my life!  (You might need one of these too–red or green maybe?  More to come.)


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