The Quest for the Perfect Teapot

My first teapot ever.

Aesthetically and for the sheer challenge of it, I must make teapots.  According to many, they put to work all the potter’s skills; they are the culmination of design and execution.

I have been doing pottery for a year, and in that time have made about eighteen teapots, twelve of those in 2010, before my unofficial teapot sabbatical.

One of these twelve has a lid that doesn’t fit. Another has a lid that fits a little too well–the pot and lid have melded into a uni-pot, and will never make tea (I’m saving this one for a gag gift).  One was returned to the dust from whence it came before it ever saw the fires of the kiln.

So my success-to-failure ratio wasn’t too good on those first few, but thanks to an awesome book and the tips of several generous potters, 2011 is going to be the Year of the Teapot for me!

I want my work to always be getting more precise, graceful, and better-functioning, so a few months ago I started looking for some serious, nitpicky help with teapot technicalities.  This information is hard to find–teapots are one kind of pot out of a million that can be made, and it seems most books cover all of these million kinds of pots without giving a ton of help with specifics.  Thankfully, The Teapot Book by Steve Woodhead came into my life (potters, a must-read!) and since reading it I’ve made six new and improved teapots!

I plan to share them with you (and post them for sale) as they come out of the kiln one by one.  I try to make one or two a week: that way I can steadily improve and have a finished teapot fairly often.  I’m looking forward to documenting each unique pot that I make, and I hope you enjoy watching their creation too.


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