“That everyone may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all his toil–this is the gift of God.”  –Ecclesiastes 3:13

I’m not a big fan of singling out a saying just to have something pithy to live by, but I love this verse.  I am a person who has been given a gift:  I get to do what I love.  It’s amazing the difference that my heart feels now that I’m pursuing the thing I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  Yes, I’m still looking forward and thinking, someday I’ll make this or do that–but it’s not with that longing sort of despair I had when I was working pitiful retail and data entry jobs, knowing there was this creative part of me that needed the time I was spending stocking shelves and sitting in cubicles.  Not that fluorescent lights and cement floors aren’t fodder for great art . . .

At any rate.  You can read about me in “About Me”, but to summarize, I’m a ceramist and a painter, a collector of natural objects that beautify my life and inform my art, a reader and quasi-writer, an opinionated cook who tries to make everything from scratch, a coffee addict, a wife, and a member of two amazing, loving families.  I’ll try not to write too much about myself, because really–do I think anyone will want to read this just to hear about me?  Ha.

However, I love to share things!  So recipes, beauties, absurdities, and seemingly pointless things in which I have seen something interesting will most likely follow this post.  It’s my way of making sense of this crazy, ruthless, breathtaking world.


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